Revtech Process Systems : Global industrial solution for heat treatment of bulk solids and gases
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Biomass roasting & pyrolysis

Very different from usual drum roasters or hot air technologies, REVTECH continuous units are based on simple and smart principles:

 torrefaction biomasse

  • Transport & mixing in a closed spiral tube by vibrations,
  • Heating by direct contact with an electrical impedance tube.




revtech biomass roasting and pyrolysis process

 The main caracteristics are as follows:

  • Temperature between 50°C et 300°C,
  • Residence time between 3 and 20 minutes,
  • Customized continuous units with flow rates ranging from 300 kg/h up to 3000 kg/h,
  • A wide range of biomass can be roasted or pyrolyzed:
    wood (wood chips, shavings, sawdust, ...), agricultural waste, straw, cereal waste, fruit pips, …


Technical data for the roasting of wood chips > Read more

Indicative technical data for the roasting of wood chips:

  • Process temperature: 240 to 300°C,
  • Residence time: 5 to 10 minutes.


Great added values of Revtech technology

  • Compact machines and reduced footprint,
  • Continuous process,
  • Gentle and limited handling of the product: entry of the biomass at the top and exit at the bottom,
  • Minimal maintenance costs,
  • Easy cleaning,
  • Precise pyrolysis and roasting intensity:
roasted pellets


Cutting edge technology for your factory

  • Environmental friendly technology: about 90% of the energy is transferred to the product (compared to usually less than 30% with traditional roasting technology),
  • No large amounts of polluted air exhaust the machine (contrary to hot air roasting technology),
  • No air handling units, fans or ducts are required: costs are reduced and fire risks eliminated,
  • Low energy consumption.