Revtech Process Systems : Global industrial solution for heat treatment of bulk solids and gases
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Heat treatment of ingredients for drinks

Revtech combines vibration transport, heating by contact with a hot surface and a small amount of steam to process all kinds of herbal and medicinal plant teas, barley teas, rye teas, coffees …




One unit for many applications

In a single machine you are able to achieve several applications (by adapting the operating parameters):

Flavor enhancement - Toasting > Read more

  • Wide range of flavors, colors and smells developed with a Revtech unit: 
    • Due to treatment in a confined atmosphere,
    • Due to heat treatment with direct contact with a hot surface, similar to traditional technologies.
  • Good homogeneity and precise control of the heat treatment intensity:

Drying > Read more

  • Exact control of the final humidity content thanks to an easy and precise control of the atmosphere inside the tube:

Pasteurization > Read more

  • Validated and guaranteed microbiology quality,
  • Complete eradication of pathogens (Salmonella, E Coli, Coliforms, yeasts & moulds…) and high reduction of the TPC.


Cutting edge technology for your factory

    • Low energy consumption: ~ 80-200 kW.h for 1 ton of product ie. around 0,01 – 0,02 €/kg (depending on the application)
    • Cleaning is vastly simplified (about 1 to 2 hours) using CIP techniques and/or pyrolysis. There are no dead zones in the machine, which consists of one continuous smooth stainless steel pipe.
    • No dust extraction equipment required: a direct exhaust to the atmosphere is sufficient.
    • Robust technology and negligible maintenance costs.
    • Continuous and fully automated process requiring little operating personnel (1 person can run the complete line).


 Complete heat treatment line