Revtech Process Systems : Global industrial solution for heat treatment of bulk solids and gases
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Heat treatment for chemical products

Revtech chemicals heat treatment Revtech combines electrical heating and vibrational transport to process chemical bulk solids and powders.


Properties of the technology

Heat treatment of chemical products
  • Airtight without mechanical seals.
  • Continuous technology with flow rate from 200 to 10 000 kg/h.
  • Precisely controlled temperatures from 50 to 800°C.
  • Perfect plug flow allowing precise control of the residence time varying from 2 to 40 minutes.
  • Operation in a controlled atmosphere in the tube (reactive or inert gas).



  • Calcination – metal oxides, silicates, bentonites, pharmaceutical waste
  • Sintering – metal oxides, zeolites
  • Thermal desorption – catalysts, contaminated soils, foundry sands, synthetic rubber, pumice based absorbents, cork
  • Gas-solid reaction – catalyst activation, regeneration, preparation
  • Ultra-drying: H2O < 0.1 % – alumina, zeolites and other molecular sieves, glass microspheres, corrosive powders
  • Pyrolysis – wood, agricultural waste such as olive pips
  • Preheating – sodium chlorate
  • Drying – sands, PET, alumina
  • Sterilization – pharmaceutical products 

Heat treatment of chemicals products

Outstanding benefits


  • Very homogeneous treatment due to mixing ensured by vibrations.
  • Reduced processing time due to high heat exchange surface (> 100 m²) and high heat exchange coefficient (~ 30 W/m².°C).
  • Energy efficiency – Around 90% of the energy is transferred to the product compared to 30-40% with gas ovens.
  • No fire risk – There is much less air in movement than in a traditional oven. Operation without oxygen is even possible.



  • Easy exhaust gas handling – Products are heated by direct contact with the hot spiral tube, not by injection of hot air, leading to much less gas to treat at the exhaust.
  • Cleaning is vastly simplified – There are no dead zones in the machine, just a smooth stainless steel pipe easy and rapid to clean using CIP techniques.
  • Negligible maintenance costs.
  • Low space requirement (20 m² for 100 m long spiral).



  • Precise treatment & constant quality due to the automatic operation combined with perfect plug flow in a vibro-fluidised bed.
  • Perfect quality with the use of electrical energy and the absence of combustion gases.
  • Gentle handling of the product due to the operation at atmospheric pressure, the use of vibration transport and the absence of mixers, belts or augers.


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