Revtech Process Systems : Global industrial solution for heat treatment of bulk solids and gases
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Heat treatment of flour and starch

Revtech combines heating by direct contact with an impedance tube and vibration transport to process flour and starch.

Our processes for starch

Continuous process for physical modification of starch granules and molecules:

  • Heat/moisture treatment
  • Alkaline roasting
  • Dextrinisation
  • Thin-boiling


Our processes for flour

Uniform treatment, exact temperature control:

  • Protein (gluten) denaturation
  • Enzyme inactivation
  • Starch functionalization - different viscosity and thickening
  • Flour roasting - with tailor made color and flavor


Oustanding benefits for your factory

Heat treatment of powders

  • Cleaning is vastly simplified – There are no dead zones in the machine, just a smooth stainless steel pipe easy to clean using CIP techniques.
  •  Easy gas exhaust handling – Products are heated by direct contact with the hot spiral tube, not by hot air, leading to much less gas to treat at the exhaust.
  •  No fire risk – There is much less air in movement than in a traditional roaster. Operation without oxygen is even possible.
  •  Energy efficiency – Around 90% of the energy is transferred to the product compared to 30-40% with gas roasters.