Revtech Process Systems : Global industrial solution for heat treatment of bulk solids and gases
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Barley and malt roasting

A unique continuous barley and malt roasting technology, very different from hot air roaster:

Roasting of barley and malt

Heating process

The heat transfer is not made by hot air convection, like traditional roasters, but by direct contact with a hot surface (which is electrically heated).

This technology shows different advantages such as:

  • The amount of gas exhausting the roaster is reduced by a factor 10 (which means much less gas to treat at the exhaust, much less pollution, cost reduction, maintenance and cleaning simplification…),
  • Fire risk is highly reduced (no hot air means no oxygen means no fire),
  • Energy consumption is very reasonable, around 150-250 kW.h to roast 1 ton of malt (ie around 0,01-0,02 €/kg).


Vibration transport

Our continuous technology also uses vibrations in a spiral tube in order to transport the product and ensure a very good mixing and thus a perfect homogeneity of treatment.

This allows:

  • A continuous operation with only 1 operator to run the unit,
  • A very even treatment of the grains,
  • A wide range of color and taste is available with the same machine.


Below are the results obtained by roasting barley with a tube temperature of 240°C and taking samples every 5 minutes (between 0 and 35 mn of residence time):

barley roasting


The Revtech technology is used to roast barley, kilned malt and even green malt.