Revtech Process Systems : Global industrial solution for heat treatment of bulk solids and gases
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Roasting & pasteurization of nuts

Revtech roasting and pasteurization of almonds, cashews, pistachio Revtech combines vibration transport and heating by direct contact with an impedance tube to process all kinds of nuts: almonds, brazil nuts, cashews, walnuts, hazelnuts, pecans, peanuts, pinenuts, pistachios...



 nut roasting and pasteurization process

Our applications

Pasteurization > Read more

  • Continuous and fully automated process avoiding recontamination: 
    • Validated and guaranteed microbiology quality,
    • Complete eradication of pathogens (Salmonella, E Coli, Coliforms, yeasts & moulds…) and high reduction of the TPC.
  • Preservation of the nut quality:
    • No screw, belt or mixer which could harm the nuts, only gentle vibrations,
    • Only a small amount of steam is injected (around 5%), the nuts being heated by the contact with the hot tube.

Roasting > Read more

  • Improved roasted flavor:
    • Due to treatment in a confined atmosphere,
    • Due to roasting with direct contact with a hot surface, similar to traditional technologies.
  • Very good homogeneity and precise control of the roasting intensity:cashew roasting
  • Very gentle handling (split rate below 1.5% for cashew nuts) by vibrations. No belts, mixers or pressurized systems.

Seasonning > Read more

Flavour can be added to your products (salt, spices,...) by the injection of brine or liquid flavoring during the process. The vibrations ensure a perfect mixing and thus a perfect homogeneity of seasonning.


A technology recognised by the Almond Board of California

Challenge tests, carried out following the ABC protocol, proved a complete eradication of Salmonella corresponding to an 8.2 log kill. Revtech - almond pasteurization certification


Cutting edge technology for your factory

    • Low energy consumption:
      • Pasteurization: around 80 kW.h for 1 ton of product ie less than 0,01€/kg
      • Roasting: around 140 kW.h for 1 ton of product, ie around 0,01€/kg.
    • No heavy air treatment required: nuts are not heated by hot air, reducing costs and limiting fire risks.
    • Environmental friendly technology: around 90% of the energy is transferred to the nuts.
    • Cleaning is vastly simplified: between 1 and 2 hours using CIP techniques.


Why using electricity instead of gas? > Read more

Nuts are roasted by direct contact with a hot stainless steel tube, similar to the traditional technique, with the following advantages:

  • Improved taste: Oils and flavors are not evacuated by gas flows but they are roasted in their own vapors.
  • Energy efficiency: about 90% of the energy is transferred to the nuts compared to 30/40 % with gas roasters.
  • Easy exhaust handling: the amount of gas exhausting the roaster is divided by a factor 10, vastly simplifying the gas treatment unit at the exhaust.
  • No fire risks: combustion is limited as there is much less oxygen circulating in the roaster. Operation without oxygen is even possible.