Revtech Process Systems : Global industrial solution for heat treatment of bulk solids and gases
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Sterilization / Pasteurization of dried products

The requirements of sterilization or pasteurization in the food industry are more and more demanding and existing sterilization processes such as ethylene or propylene oxide fumigation or ionization are not compatible with the demands of the final customers. This encouraged the development of innovative processes based on traditional steam and heat treatment methods.


Principle of the REVTECH technology

The REVTECH technology uses steam only for its efficiency in eliminating bacteria and clean electric energy in order to heat the product. Overall steam consumption is therefore significantly less than competing technologies, resulting in an improved compromise between bacteria eradication and the preservation of product quality. 


Revtech pasteurization principle scheme

Our steam sterilization units are based on the principle of an electrically heated and vibrating spiral tube. They operate continuously and the flow rate range from 200 kg/h for the smallest up to 7000 kg/h for the biggest units (based on a product density of 0.6).


Complete eradication of sensitive bacteria - high reduction of TPC

Yeasts, moulds, coliforms, salmonella, E.Coli are completely eradicated and sporular forms are highly reduced. This sterilization is very homogeneous thanks to the vibrations of the tube which ensure a perfect mixing of the product. For each unit, the microbiological results can be validated by an independent laboratory.

microbiological results


Excellent preservation of the quality of the products

  • Organoleptic properties are preserved: only a very small amount of steam is needed, the product being heated by the contact with the tube, there is only very little condensation of the steam on the product (unlike autoclave type systems).
  • No visible difference in physical appearance between treated and untreated products. This is due to the operation at atmospheric pressure and to the absence of belts, mixers, augers and any mechanical conveyance system:
    • No physical damages to products such as almonds, walnuts, cashews.
    • Fragile products, such as oregano or parsley, see their color maintained.
Revtech herb and spice pasteurization


Cutting edge technology for your factory

  • Continuous and fully automated process: recontamination risks are eliminated.
  • Low power consumption: about 80 W/kg of product ie. a complete 1 ton/h unit would consume around 80 kW.
  • Easy operation of the units: cleaning time is reduced (about 1h), maintenance costs are negligible.
  • Only one operator is needed to run the complete unit.


Revtech pasteurization unit for herbs and spices, seeds, nuts
Complete line for steam sterilization - pasteurization
Revtech herbs and spices steam sterilization
Complete spice and dried vegetable pasteurization line