Since its creation in 1997 Revtech has developed a wealth of experience in the design and manufacturing of industrial installations dedicated to the heat treatment and pasteurization of dry ingredients, bulk solids and gases.
Based on patented innovations, Revtech offers a unique technology to help our customers and partners develop their projects, taking them from initial ideas to real operating industrial processes. Each project benefits from an individualized approach within a dedicated and efficient team of technicians and engineers, ensuring maximum return on your technological investment.

Designer of innovative industrial heat treatment solutions

Designer of innovative industrial heat treatment solutions

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Revtech systems are ideally suited to companies seeking high performance technology to steam sterilize, pasteurize, dry, toast, roast or pyrolyse products such as cereals, nuts, spices, seeds, biomass and different chemical compounds. As our offer is based on client satisfaction, let's hear what they have to say:

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Alvas, Lithuania

Alfredas Putkis, Director

“We installed the Revtech unique thermal processing equipment for pasteurizing and toasting seeds, spices and herbs. During the roasting process, security of microbiological product parameters is ensured, natural qualities are preserved, the product flavour is improved and its shelf life is prolonged.

As we offer a wide range of products to our customers, the technology flexibility and therefore the possibility to treat different types of raw material through various applications, matches perfectly our requirements.

Having an automated system that runs continuously allows us to produce from small batches of 200 kg to larger quantities of several tons. That way we can, in addition to our production, offer a heat treatment service to other companies in the food industry for their dry ingredients.

The relationship established with Revtech for several years now is based on a hand in hand approach.”

Brenton Woolston, Managing Director at Almondco

Almondco, Australia

Brenton Woolston, Managing Director

“As a result of the ever increasing standards around food safety, our company has made a decision to supply raw kernel that has been subjected to the Almondco Pure process in 2015.

The French-designed technology we have installed delivers a market leading finished product. The revolutionary dry steam application provides you with a rate of reduction in micro-organisms that exceeds almond industry standards.

This proven system provides peace of mind for growers, processors and consumers. You get all the natural benefits of purchasing raw almonds without any of the micro-biological risks inherent in a ground harvested product.”