Our Heat Treatment Solutions for the Biomass Industry

Revtech heat treatment machine for biomass products

What are the possible applications?

Revtech designs industrial custom-made heat treatment units with continuous and perfectly plug flow. The flow rates vary from 500 kg/h to 9 tons/h.
Our innovative turnkey solutions are unique and patented, they can be used for several applications simply by adapting the operating parameters of the machine:

  • Torrefaction
  • Pyrolysis
  • Distillation

For which families of biomass products?

  • Wood chips, agricultural waste, ... (torrefaction, pyrolysis)
  • Fruit stones, ... (torrefaction, pyrolysis)
  • Organic waste, ... (distillation, drying)

This list is far from exhaustive. Contact us to know more.

Biomass wood chips

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