Revtech technology has proven itself in a wide range of applications such as drying, pasteurization and roasting. We are proud to associate ourselves with the following products: herbs & spices, nuts, seeds, cereal products, pulses, cocoa, ingredients for drinks, cork, biomass, multiple chemical products.

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“With Revtech technology, we are able to provide our industrial customers with roasted ingredients while ensuring their pasteurization. We were looking for a technical solution guaranteeing a 4 to 5 log reduction of the original salmonella contamination of the nuts that we processed to meet their demand regarding food safety; a requirement that was all the more pressing as cases of salmonella got identified in factories in the US. The solution came from Revtech.

No salmonella type bacteria can withstand this shock treatment, the process has been validated in partnership with the AQMC laboratory according to the standard protocol defined by the Almond Board of California.

Additionally, we have seen our roasting capacity increase and our energy consumption decrease. Each product has its own validated recipe that is followed metrologically. As for the vibrations, they ensure a mixing of the nuts and therefore allows a homogeneous roasting of the product by Joule Effect.  The geographical proximity to Revtech, located half an hour from Montélimar, also contributed to the development of a fruitful partnership”.

Jean-Laurent Moulin, Factory Manager, Nougat Chabert & Guillot, France

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