Founded in 1997 by Martin Mitzkat, an American engineer, innovation has always been at the heart of Revtech. Whatever the application, whether in the food industry, the chemical industry or the parapharmaceutical industry, each installation is based on our patented process and benefits from this philosophy.


Revtech technology


The evolution of Revtech as a company revolves around an innovative concept of continuous heat treatment of dry ingredients, bulk solids and gases. This is based on an ingenious combination of electrical heat generation and vibrational transport techniques in a closed stainless-steel spiral, allowing rapid and highly efficient heating to take place.
When combined with the injection of a small amount of steam, a highly efficient steam sterilization and pasteurization process is obtained for food products.

The patented Revtech solution presents a number of significant advantages:

  • Low energy consumption as a result of highly efficient heat transfer, for example around 100 kW / ton for pasteurization (including steam generation) or between 150 and
    300 kW / ton for roasting,
  • Even treatment due to the intense mixing during vibrational transport,
  • Environmentally friendly due to the total absence of chemical products and low to non-existing emissions depending on the products treated.



Central to the development of Revtech is its patented process, internationally recognized for its originality and its performance. Integrated into high quality, fully automated installations, three main heat treatment processes can be envisaged:

  • Drying, toasting and roasting,
  • Pasteurization and steam sterilization,
  • Heat treatment such as enzyme inhibition and modification of functional properties of cereal products, or thermal desorption in chemical products.

Over the last twenty years of innovation these basic processes have been applied to a wide variety of specific products, each with a particular set of requirements and standards to be met.

Patented process
Validation certificates


Revtech technology has been approved by the Technical Expert Review Panel (TERP) of the Almond Board of California and The Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

All our industrial pasteurization installations for nuts, seeds and grains can be validated for 5 to 7 log reduction of salmonella by independent laboratories and third-party technical experts, using the protocol developed by the Almond Board of California and approved by the FDA.

Our pasteurization and steam sterilization process guarantees the complete elimination of pathogens such as salmonella, entero-bacteria, coliforms, yeast and molds, along with a significant reduction in total plate count.

Very low steam flow rates ensure the best possible preservation of organoleptic qualities (texture, taste and color) while efficient vibrational transport ensures even treatment and gentle handling.


Although recognized worldwide for the quality of its design and fabrication, Revtech continues to innovate in order to prepare the future of industrial heat treatment systems.


Innovation has always been at the heart of Revtech with a significant percentage of the company's revenues invested each year in research and new projects. As food safety legislation evolves and demand for tightly controlled, certifiable processes increase, Revtech invests in efficient responses to these new requirements. Anticipating tomorrow's challenges is part of today’s reality at Revtech.

Continuing innovation

The two pillars of Revtech's success are innovation and quality. Each customer benefits from an individualized approach, taking into account both specific technical requirements and the legislative environment within which the future project must fit. From design and calculations through to fabrication, acceptance, delivery and validation, our services are tailored to ensure complete compliance with each customer's specifications.