Revtech kilning system for oat groats

An Advanced Kilning System for Processing Oat Flakes

Celia Schlosser and Martin Mitzkat

Kilning is an important step in the processing of oat flakes. The main aims of kilning are to stabilize the final product using heat to eliminate enzymatic activity that causes rancidity and steam to temper the product, which prepares the groat for flaking. Additional effects of heat treatment may include development of flavor and some degree of microbial contaminant reduction. The Revtech continuous kilning system ensures accurate control of residence time, complete homogeneity of treatment, high heat and mass transfer, and a wide range of precisely controlled operating parameters. The absence of dead zones and plug flow behavior inside the stainless steel tube ensure that all particles moving through the system receive the same treatment, vastly improving the overall quality of the final product.


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