Whether your company is involved in the food, chemical or environmental industries, each Revtech solution is accompanied by a series of services and expertise to help you satisfy your ambitions.

Revtech sales team meeting with prospects

Pre-sales advice

For over 20 years Revtech has been accompanying its customers and has gained an impressive experience in the application of our technology to specific situations such as:

Pasteurization, steam sterilization, toasting, roasting, puffing, stabilization, enzyme inhibition, modification of functional properties, thermal desorption, drying, pyrolysis, gas-solid reaction, solid-solid reaction, stripping, sintering...

Thus, whatever your project, one of our sales experts will meet you to discuss the best way of applying our technology to your requirements. If necessary, testing can be carried out on one of our pilot units to validate design hypotheses.

Advice, Maintenance and After-sales service

Although our installations are highly reliable, we are particularly aware of the importance and the availability of after sales advice. The use of the most up to date communications technology available means that wherever you are situated, we are able to reply to requests for information, updates and service using the remote access capabilities of our control systems.

Spare parts

A project? Contact our team!