As each product and installation has specific requirements, every machine is tailored for a perfect fit into your environment.

Flowrates through our machines vary from 200 kg/h to 5 tons/h.

Project management

From the first contact and before the design stage, Revtech's sales engineers will actively participate in the elaboration of your project specifications. This guarantees that the final process corresponds exactly to your technical and financial requirements.

3D design

With the specifications that have been defined, our team of industrial designers will create the complete unit using the most up to date 3D software available. This allows a virtual verification of every part of the installation.


Every stage of the design is submitted for customer approval, allowing customer preferences and input to be taken into account as early as possible in the design process. Powerful 3D design software helps to visualize the complete unit and ensure efficient layout and use of space.
Once final approval is given fabrication drawings are created to allow each part of the future installation to be manufactured.