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Revtech heat treatment machines


Founded and managed by Martin Mitzkat since 1997, Revtech is specialized in both the design and fabrication of installations for the pasteurization and roasting of food ingredients and systems for the heat treatment of bulk chemical products.

Several key dates:

  • December 1998: first herb & spice pasteurization system for an Italian multi-national group
  • March 2001: first major synthetic rubber thermal desorption system for Goodyear France
  • May 2002 and March 2018: sesame seed roasting unit for Groupe Emile, France
  • June 2004: first cork decontamination system
  • April 2009: Revtech moves to its new headquarters in Loriol sur Drôme, France
  • April 2013: Revtech successfully commissions the largest, certified almond pasteurization system in the world at Almondco Australia
  • January 2014: Revtech successfully commissions a certified unit for both nut pasteurization and roasting at Nougat Chabert & Guillot, France
  • February 2017: inauguration of our subsidiary in Chicago

Our values and our philosophy

Quality is the goal of Revtech, both in terms of process and fabrication. The whole company shares this objective whether in terms of innovation, design or after sales service, with the aim of producing industrial installations that correspond perfectly to your requirements. Revtech pioneered low energy consumption 20 years ago with its innovative system and has successfully applied and transferred this know-how to over 120 companies. Our efforts continue in able to lead our industry towards tomorrow's environmentally friendly and energy efficient solutions.

Revtech premises

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