For each heat treatment and pasteurization installation, our fabrication team works in close collaboration with the design team and follows a well-defined cycle:

Components of a Revtech installation


Each component of the installation is designed to our internal standards, which are then used to select the best available supplier. The components are manufactured to our specifications, ensuring perfect correspondence to your technical, commercial and quality requirements. The result is a perfectly operational, high quality, reliable installation.


Once all the components have been sourced and delivered, our highly trained and experienced technicians begin the assembly of the complete heat treatment unit in our custom-built workshop. The assembly team works in close collaboration with the design team, guaranteeing continuous exchanges between the two teams with the aim of satisfying exactly the design criteria. Once the assembly is completed, the operation of the complete unit is validated using real product and under conditions as close as possible to the future plant. Addressing any potential issues at this stage is crucial to ensure that the unit corresponds perfectly to your requirements, and that the time required to reach production levels once installed on your site is reduced to a minimum. 

Assembly of a heat treatment unit
Shipping of a Revtech unit


Following various quality control steps, the unit is ready for shipping. With well over one hundred and twenty units installed throughout the world, Revtech benefits from a very real experience in shipping to just about any destination. The unit is partially dismantled and packed to ensure protection during transport. At the same time our technicians and engineers are actively preparing the arrival of the machine in your plant, where they will supervise the installation, the commissioning and the on-site start-up, and train your technicians.

Each project you entrust to us benefits from the wealth of experience within Revtech to ensure the success of this industrial investment.