Revtech Versatile Continuous Coil Roaster

By Célia Schlosser

An increase in the consumption of malt-based products has been seen over the last years, and specialty malts are gaining more interest. Both trends lead to an increase in the demand for new products, new flavors, and new colors. Revtech Process Systems has developed an innovative heat treatment system able to roast, puff, steam, and flavor all types of grains. The continuous, plug-flow system is designed so that the bed thickness of the product is low, ensuring even roasting compared with traditional batch systems. The enclosed atmosphere in the tube helps to develop aroma and flavor. Temperatures and residence times can be adjusted between the different recipes. Steam and hot air can be injected into the system.

Article published in issue Number 1, 2021, of Technical Quarterly (a journal dedicated to the applied and practical science of the brewing industry) by the Master Brewers Association of the Americas.


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